Full Name


Mrs L L Bennett


Mrs L Davis

Vice Principal

Mr P Brown

Vice Principal

Mrs S Bayar

Assistant Principal

Mr K Wadsworth

Assistant Principal

Mr P Bolter

Associate Senior Leader

Miss S Gallagher

Associate Senior Leader

Mr M Wright

Associate Senior Leader

Mrs A Harvey

Designated Safeguarding Lead



Full Name


Miss S Allsop

School Games Organiser

Mrs J Anand

Head of Science

Miss O Awe

Trainee Teacher of Mathematics

Miss T Bali

Teacher of English

Mr J Ball

Head of Year 9/Teacher of Physical Education

Mr C Ballard

Head of Music

Mr T Baston

Head of Geography

Ms G Bates

Teacher of Art

Mr D Blower

Head of Art

Miss A Bradley

Lead Practitioner in English Department

Miss S Cheema

Teacher of English

Mr A Davis

Head of Year 11/Teacher of Physical Education

Ms M C Dielna

Teacher of French

Mr P Dovell

Teacher of Science

Mr M Dye

Teacher of Maths/Physical Education

Mrs J Eade


Mr J Eiffert

Second in Charge of Physical Education

Mrs A Elliott

Head of English

Mr O Evans

Head of History

Mr C Everson

Trainee Teacher (Technology)

Mr P Fujamade

Teacher of IT

Mr A Giddings

Teacher of Geography

Mrs D Halton

Head of Mathematics Department

Mr P Hay

Head of Business Studies

Ms G Herterich

Head of Religious Education

Mr A Jones

Head of Houses/Teacher of Physical Education

Mr G Joyce

Head of Year 8/Teacher of Physical Education

Mr G King

Teacher of Music

Mr K Mackenzie-Ingle

Teacher of English- i/c Careers/Work Experience

Mr B Maher

Head of Year 7/Teacher of Geography

Ms E Marchioni

Teacher of French

Mrs A Maslen

Teacher of Science

Mr D Matthews

Head of Technology

Mr J McDonald

Teacher of Science

Mrs L Murphy

Head of Media

Mr R Nagra

Director of Learning/Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs L Notton

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J Nunes

Second in Charge of English Department

Mr D Obiorah

Director of IT Systems and Infrastructure/Teacher of IT

Miss M Odotei

Teacher of Geography

Mrs O Odufote

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs E Ogueh-Etan

Teacher of Technology

Mrs T Orowale

Second in Charge of Maths Department

Mr J Page

Teacher of History

Mr I Parkinson

Teacher of Mathematics

Ms R Parris

Head of Year 10/Teacher of English

Mr M Robinson

Head of Physical Education

Mr B Ryan

Teacher of Technology/Inclusion Team

Mr A Savage

Teacher of English

Ms I Sporidis

Teacher of English/Literacy Co-ordinator

Miss R Stock

Teacher of Science

Mr S Syplywczak

Teacher of History

Mr S Waghorn

Head of IT/Pupil Premium Manager

Miss J Warren

Key Stage Co-ordinator Science

Miss A Watson

Teacher of Technology/Teacher i/c Food Technology

Mr D Watson

Lead Practitioner in Science Department

Mr D Worden

Director of Science

Dr N Ye Myint

Teacher of Mathematics



Full Name


Mrs V Ahern

Administrative Assistant to Mrs Davis/Examinations Assistant

Mrs L Avery

Data Administrator

Mrs D Bakewell

Administrative Support Assistant

Mrs J Ball

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Bassett


Mr M Baxter


Mr J Beament

Inclusion Manager

Mrs J Brain

Finance Officer

Mrs A Bussey

Science Technician

Mr N Carr

IT Technician

Mrs V Cox

Teaching Assistant

Mr P Cumbers

Site Manager

Miss V Cumbers

Food Technology Technician

Mrs I Cunningham

Principal Finance Officer

Mr S Elliott

Finance Assistant

Mrs M Faurie

Teaching Assistant/Inclusion Assistant

Miss C Ferguson

Teaching Assistant

Mr C Harwood


Mr D Hendrie

Assistant Site Supervisor

Mr P Jolley

Saturday Lettings Assistant

Miss L Littleboy

Senior Science Technician

Miss J Lobb

Technology Technician

Mrs K Mason

Administrative Assistant to Mrs S Bayar/Admissions Officer

Mrs J May

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Murphy

Principal's PA

Mrs J Osman

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Parsons

Administrative Assistant to Mr P Brown/Cover Administrator/Safeguarding Team

Mrs T Powell

Examinations Officer

Mrs M Radkowska

Teaching Assistant

Mr C Richardson

MLE/SIMS Manager

Miss L Ritchie

Attendance Officer

Mr R Singh

IT Network Manager

Mr M Sims

Science Support Assistant

Mrs C Speed

Science Technician

Mr A Speer

Assistant Site Supervisor

Mrs J Stokes


Mrs D Thomas

Administrative Assistant AEN

Mrs S Topcu

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Venkatasamy

Teaching Assistant