House Points


Boys at Hurstmere are organised in four houses.  We do this to promote a sense of teamwork and identity.  In each year group there are two forms in each of the four houses: Caxton, Cobham, Chaucer and Sidney.                                                

Caxton Chaucer Cobham Sidney

Boys gain points for their houses through the ClassCharts rewards system.  This system helps staff to reward enthusiastic work, maintain excellent standards of behaviour and cultivate a positive environment in which boys can achieve their best.  These points feed into the House Competition and also lead to reward certificates for individual pupils, tickets for prize draws and group reward trips.

Throughout the year, boys also have the opportunity to participate in a range of inter-house competitions both inside and outside the classroom, culminating in the annual Inter-House Athletics Competition in the Summer Term.  The Overall winner of the House Competition is announced after the athletics event and is calculated by combing the scores from inter-house competitions and the points from ClassCharts.



Caxton (Red)

Chaucer (Gold)

Cobham (Blue)

Sidney (Green)



Capt: Ben Bleksley
V.Capt: Conor Daly

Capt: Oscar Gray
V.Capt: Josh Horak

Capt: Callum Deppe
V.Capt: Sam Horak

Capt: Joseph Jeffery
V.Capt: Ethan Driscoll Niles

Mr Joyce
Form Reps:

Caxton X & Caxton Y
T. Baston (15) &
E. Marchioni (13)
X: Harry Robinson
Y: Ralph Burgess

Chaucer X & Chaucer Y
S. Cheema (1) &
A Giddings (14)
X: Kai Smith & Oliver Brook
Y: Joseph Sandi

Cobham X & Cobham Y
I Sporidis (6) &
D Morrison (49)
X: Ollie Devile
Y: Tejvir Nagra

Sidney X & Sidney Y
O. Odufote (26) &
J Warren / R Stock (41)
X: Mark Palmer
Y: David Plummer & Oliver Thorne-Ford



Mr Ball

Form Reps:

Caxton X & Caxton Y
C Ballard (25) &
J Luff (19)
X: Alfie Groves
Y: Harry Eddleston

Chaucer X & Chaucer Y
J. Nunes / Lloyd-Wood (8) &
T. Orowale (28)
X: Harvey Butler
Y: Reuben Eyles

Cobham X & Cobham Y
P. Dovell (43) &
G Herterich (22)
X: Muhammad Ibrahim
Y: Kiefer Nye & Samuel White

Sidney X & Sidney Y
P Fujamade (36) &
N YeMyint (27)
X: Saamax Mahamdallie
Y: Harry Hewitt



Miss Parris

Form Reps:

Caxton X & Caxton Y
I. Parkinson (30) &
A. Elliott (7)
X: Robert Heasman
Y:  Finley Siegel

Chaucer X & Chaucer Y
D. Blower (20) &
L. Notton (12)
X: Karson Koe
Y: Jason De Bolla

Cobham X & Cobham Y
A. Watson (51) &
O. Evans (33)
X: Teddy McIntyre
Y: Tobi Irefin

Sidney X & Sidney Y
R. Medhurst / G Bates / F. Bret
(21) & L. Murphy (9)
X: Ben Fleckney & Finlay Boyce
Y: Joseph Williams 



Mr Davis

Form Reps:

Caxton X & Caxton Y
A. Bradley / T Bali (2) &
D. Worden / T James (47)
X: Kiarni Harris
Y: Jay Prentice Beazley

Chaucer X & Chaucer Y

K. Mackenzie-Ingle (3) &

M. Robinson (62)

X: Zac Norris

Y: Jack Butler

Cobham X & Cobham Y

J. Anand (50) &

J. Eiffert (56)

 X: Jamal Bah

Y: Jadon Okure

Sidney X & Sidney Y

S. Syplywczak / J Page (38) &

M Dielna (11)

X: Haydn Svoma

Y: Quincy Oshodin

11 HOY

Mr Maher

Caxton X & Caxton Y

M Dye (31) &

S. Waghorn (55)

Chaucer X & Chaucer Y

J. Beament (35) &

P. Hay (18)

Cobham X & Cobham Y

M Clarke (45) &

R. Nagra (29)

Sidney X & Sidney Y

D Obiorah / D Halton (53) &

J. Meheux


L. Bennett &

S Gallagher

L. Davis

S. Bayar &

W. Day

K. Wadsworth &

P. Bolter

Zambian Link School

Divine Community School

Guardian Angels Orphanage School

House of Joseph Linda Community School

Sosco Community School