Posted on: May 27th 2016

House Captain Elections

During May we witnessed the hotly anticipated House captain elections. After weeks of competitive campaigning each house had the opportunity to vote for their new Captains and Vice-captains. This year we held individual House candidate debates on the stage in the hall which were recorded and shown to each House before they voted.  The debates were extremely thought provoking and entertaining and thanks goes to Jamie Moreland and his Hurstmere News team, for their hard work in filming and editing the final films. I am sure this was an excellent showcase for the budding nominees.  Additionally, all candidates spent time talking to form groups at tutor time and in the playgrounds. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who applied and despite only 8 being chosen for the captain roles, all those who entered can be extremely proud of their hard work and commitment to serve their individual Houses. Well done to you all. The 2016 results are as follows:

House Captain - Joseph Hannaghan
Vice - House Captain - Bruno Di Castro

House Captain - James Rantell
Vice - House Captain - George Fisher

House Captain - Aaron Hampshaw
Vice - House Captain - Joshua Clarkson

House Captain - Josh Barton
Vice - House Captain - Ryan Donohue

Mr Wright