Posted on: September 26th 2016

Sky Living for Sport

16 boys in year 9 are participating in the Sky Living for Sport Programme this academic year. The primary aim of the programme is to use sport stars and sport skills to help increase young people’s confidence, self-esteem, engagement in and attitudes to learning. As part of the programme we are assigned an Athlete mentor and this year we are pleased to welcome Theo Spalding-McIntosh, GB Judo to Hurstmere to work with the group.

On September 26th Theo spent a day working with the boys in school where they looked at the Six Keys to Success which are Mental toughness, Hunger to achieve, People skills, Sports & life knowledge, Breaking barriers and Planning for success. The day involved a range of workshops where different sports challenges were used to introduce the key skills to the boys and get them to identify the qualities they would need throughout the programme. Over the coming months the boys will set individual and group goals, plan and carry out a sporting event for other young people and identify how these skills and qualities can be applied to their academic achievements.

Here are some of the thoughts from some of the boys involved in the day:

“It was brilliant to work with a Team GB athlete for the day. He taught us the Six Key Skills for Success. The one I thought was the most important was Mental Toughness because it taught me to never give up even if things are tough and you’re in pain!” Omar Kasso Year 9 Cobham X

“On the 26th September an athlete called Theo Spalding McIntosh came in to do various activities with us. The activity I enjoyed most was the one where we had to throw a tennis ball to each other in a sequence. This was working on one of the Six Keys to Success – Hunger to Achieve.” Luke Baldwin Year 9 Caxton Y

“I was chosen by my team to be team captain for the day, the team chose me because I am the school rugby captain; I am responsible and not biased towards people. As team captain I had to take charge of the team, make sure they followed instructions and understood the tasks for each activity. The activities were great and not only did I get to meet a Team GB athlete I had fun with my friends.” Spenser Joy Year 9 Sidney Y

The days was very rewarding and inspiring for the boys and we look forward to welcoming Theo back to Hurstmere for a follow up visit later in the term.

Miss Allsop

School Games Organiser