Posted on: November 13th 2018

Visit by Chairman of Ardagh Group

Our  Year 10 students sat intently listening to massively successful Irish businessman and billionaire, Paul Coulson, who came in to speak today, 12th November 2018, about himself and his business.IMG 0142

Paul is the largest stakeholder and Chairman of  the Ardagh Group that produces bottles, cans and packaging and is hugely popular globally.

Paul, 66, spoke about his early life and growing up in Ireland and how and where he was educated.

He chatted about the mistakes he has made and how he has learned from those mistakes. He added it was vitally important to always care for your employees and remain humble. He gave some excellent advice to our pupils and was very relaxed.

His savvy business eye has made him a multi millionaire  and he was happy to share his experiences with our year 10 pupils.

Students got involved and lots asked questions after the session too.

Paul’s visit was part of the Speakers For Schools Programme.

Mr Stollery commented: “The students really appreciated the visit and I know it has inspired a lot of them to follow their dreams, do well and make a difference in the world.”