Posted on: March 10th 2019

Hurstmere at the Music For Youth Regional Festival

Studio Fix boys did Hurstmere proud last week and below is some of the feedback they received:

Harmony Army

"A solid and well balanced band sound to set the scene, helped by some good ensemble communication. The vocals are well delivered – bold and punchy."

"Well supported by the band who establish a suitable groove - delivered with energy and precision.  Each vocal is expertly delivered and well blended with the band."

"Your sense of unity, especially in relation to maintaining a strong and consistent rhythmic drive, is a particular feature of this group – something that is not easy with so many singers. Some terrific band work – great guitar solo, clarity across all parts, good physical engagement."

"Overall, a very enjoyable performance.   Well prepared, technically secure, professionally presented, disciplined.  Well done."


"You do an excellent job of showcasing each of the voices, as well as effectively blending them for the harmonies.  There’s a real energy on display."

"The expansion of the band with the horn section is effective too.  There’s a strong sense of direction in your performance – exploiting the structural narrative of the songs."

"Very nicely done, a great band with a great programme of originals."

"A polished performance, with proper commitment and impassioned presentation."

Congratulations to all the boys who took part.