Posted on: March 31st 2019

UPDATE - Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

Mohammed Bari in Year 10 will be representing Hurstmere at St. Catherine's School tomorrow from 6pm in the Bexley Regional Finals. He will be amongst 26 other Bexley schools in this public speaking competition. Last year, Hurstmere were placed in 3rd place last year and are well respected by those who run the event, so fingers crossed that Mo's powerful and emotional speech on Mothers is well timed before Mothering Sunday to be a hit with the judges!

Please wish him well if you see him today and tomorrow. 


Last night, 28th March 2019, Mohammed Bari in Year 10 represented Hurstmere impeccably at the Bexley Regional Final of this prestigious public speaking competition. His speech 'Mothers' was heartfelt and moving. He may not have won a place in the top 3 but he certainly wowed the crowd. I was so impressed and proud of Mohammed, as were his family and supporters who came to watch him take to the stage in a packed hall at St Catherine's School. He knew his lines off by heart and his delivery was so honest and his message was so powerful. Respect is due to all mothers who do more than carry us for 9 months, they carry us our entire lives. Congratulations Mo.