Posted on: April 5th 2019

Aspirational trip to The University of Sussex

On Tuesday 2nd April we took 36 year 10 pupils on a visit to the University of Sussex to provide these pupils with an opportunity to experience university life first-hand. The aim of this trip was to raise the aspirations of these boys and inspire them to consider university as an option in the future.
The pupils experienced their first ever university lecture, where they learnt about what university life was like including what to look for in a university, the different types of courses that may be available and what kind of extra-curricular activities they could get involved in whilst studying.
The boys were then taken on a tour of the university to see the different buildings and facilities on the campus and see university students living and studying in that environment.
After lunch, the pupils participated in a more interactive study skills session, where they were taught about the importance of revision, how to make a revision timetable and the advantages and disadvantages of different revision techniques.
The pupils really enjoyed the visit to the University of Sussex, asked lots of questions during the lectures and represented Hurstmere School well. We have had lots of good feedback from pupils and parents who found the trip useful and hopefully the aspirations of the pupils who went on the trip were raised!

From Ciaran Rogers:
"On Tuesday we went to Sussex University. When we arrived we had two students waiting for us to show us to our first lecture. When we got to the lecture room we met a lady called Fin and she taught us the meaning of university related words. After that we were given a tour of the campus and I really enjoyed it. Then we had lunch in the canteen which had a wide variety of food. Then we had our final lecture of the day where Fin taught us the best ways to revise and the pros and cons about them. After this, we headed home. In conclusion it has persuaded me to go to university and in general it was a great experience."

Miss A. Watson

In Charge of Food Technology/Teacher of Technology