Posted on: May 13th 2019

Year 9 Take On Shakespeare

In March, 40 Year 9 pupils took a coach up to London to see a production of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy: “Romeo and Juliet”. All Year 9 pupils study this play during the summer term, so it was an opportunity to see the Bard’s famous lines come to life.

We had standing tickets, meaning we were essentially getting the same view as the Elizabethan groundlings, who paid one penny for the privilege of seeing a play in the early 17th century. This meant we were exposed to the elements as The Globe famously has an open roof.

During the play it did start to drizzle at points, however, the production was so engrossing it didn’t matter. Seeing the play performance by such a talented young cast definitely inspired our students, particularly the performance by Ned Derrington as Mercutio, who played the part with verve and cadence.

Despite the rain and standing for the entire 90 minute long performance, our boys’ behaviour was exemplary and they really did us proud. We hope this experience instils a love of Shakespeare and theatre in our pupils. Well done Year 9!




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