Media Studies

GCSE Media Studies Curriculum

Outlined below is the AQA New Curriculum for GCSE Media Studies:
Course Information
The course is a mix of theoretical work, discussion and practical production. Pupils should consider Media Studies if they enjoy English and other creative subjects such as Art and Drama, alongside some proficiency in ICT. 
In Year 10 and 11, pupils will study a variety of media including comics, film and advertising.
Pupils are expected to write, research, draw, discuss and present work throughout the course.
40% of pupils’ grades are assessed through one written examination paper entitled ‘Investigating the Media’. The paper is based on pre-released material and a media form set by the exam board (see below). The pupils will have four weeks in which to prepare their responses and then sit the externally exam under formal conditions.
60% of pupils’ grades are assessed through three controlled assignments. These are conducted under classroom conditions and are teacher assessed. Pupils will be required to work independently and in groups to strict deadlines.
Specific Equipment List
Pupils are required to have a long ruler (30 cm) and colouring pencils, alongside their usual pencil case equipment. 
AQA Examination Topics
2012 – Television Crime Dramas
2013 – Music Press, Print and Online
2014 – Promotion and Marketing of Computer Games
2015 – Television News
2016 - Science Fiction Films
2017 - Television Game Show
2018 - Television Serial Drama
New specification for teaching starting in Sept 2017 is being discussed.