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Art KS3

Programme of Study for Year 7

Project 1:  Colour and Painting

Pupils will be introduced to basic paint techniques and processes. Practical painting work is linked directly to the investigation of how Fernand Leger used colour in his work – this is, in turn, related to colour theory and the colour wheel (primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary colours etc.) Contextual research and a basic critical understanding of artist’s work will be introduced.

Project 2:  Gaudi Lizards

Pupils will investigate the mosaic work of Antoni Gaudi; this will serve as the springboard to introduce the medium of textiles (cutting, hand sewing and weaving). Pupils will use lizard drawing (and paper collage), to develop their design work.

Project 3: Skulls

Pupils will use the theme of ‘Skulls’ to make observational line/wash drawings, to investigate the work of Georgia O’Keeffe, and to make 2D/3D artwork with reference to the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ festival.

Programme of Study for Year 8

Project 1:  The Human Figure

A range of sources are used as the basis for this project. Initially, observation work (pose, position and proportion) is carried out in a range of media, covering the basic elements, line, texture and tone.

Proportion is investigated, with particular reference to Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso and the Expressionists are used as a starting point for expressive portraiture in mixed media.

Project 2: Still Life

This project will introduce the still life tradition, concentrating on the work of Mary Fedden, and focusing on use of tone and composition in observational object drawing. Pupils will then extend their ideas into a painting or collage.

Project 3: Pattern

Pupils will make a series of studies from the art of different cultures and design and produce a pattern based painting.

  Programme of Study for Year 9

Project 1: Ab-sport Art

Pupils will study and make abstraction painting based on a ‘sports-related’ theme. They will develop their own ideas from a visual investigation of sporting imagery, and make an in-depth study of line, composition and use of colour, in their practical work.

Project 2: Urban Environment

This project will develop the pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills of the ‘landscape’ tradition, within an urban context. They will use primary and secondary sources to explore use of two-perspective drawing in their ‘cityscape’ work, with reference to the work of Stephen Wiltshire.