High Attainers and the More Able

Plan for the Higher Prior Attainers and the More Able: 2019-2020

We aim to achieve a whole school ethos where achieving at a high level is an expectation. We will do this by implementing effective identification and monitoring of our most able pupils on the basis of their academic abilities and potential. This includes:

  • The identification of pupils with particular abilities
  • Developing pedagogy that meet the needs of the more able
  • Procedures for monitoring and evaluating provision and intervention for the most able
  • Information and guidance for all staff to support the more able.



Higher Prior Attainers

High Prior Attainers are students who show great potential to achieve high level outcomes across a range of subjects. Identification of these students begins on entry to Hurstmere School with those who achieved a scaled score of 110+ in English Reading and Maths in Year 6. They will be expected to work in the Mastery band in most or all of their subjects.

Cohort KS2 Prior Attainment Key Elements
Years 7, 8, 9, 10 A mean scaled score of 110+ Mathematics and Reading


During the Induction Days, the new Year 7 cohort sit CAT4 tests. Score of above 128 (top5% nationally) will indicate that a pupil may also be a Higher Attainer, even if their KS2 data suggests otherwise.

More Able

Pupils are recognised as More Able without being a High Prior Attainer. Such learners will show marked aptitude in any curriculum area. This could include:

  • Creative (e.g. aspects of science, design and technology, creative writing)
  • Artistic (e.g. art and music)
  • Practical (e.g. ‘hands on’, technological, vocational)
  • Social (e.g. personal and interpersonal, leadership qualities)

Additionally, other characteristics that could indicate a More Able pupil include:

  • That they are an advanced reader showing an understanding of language beyond his chronological age
  • That they are highly articulate and verbally fluent
  • That they give quick verbal responses to problem solving activities
  • That they communicate to an adult level, showing an interest in topics beyond the curriculum
  • That they show unusual and original responses, and can communicate their opinions and views
  • That they are emotionally sensitive, showing an awareness of others

Teachers can make More Able nominations at the beginning of each year, but will not be able to “un-nominate” any pupil. Continuing the More Able nomination beyond just one year ensures that pupils who have shown a special talent for an area are constantly expected to do well in that area.


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