Year 8

Broadening your Horizons

BBC Bitesize: KS3 - BBC Bitesize

A large amount of resources that contain activities, video’s and quizzes for you to expand your interest

Oak National Academy Lessons: Oak National Academy Online Classroom (

Specific content designed for the summer holidays focusing on English, Maths, Science, Geography and History.

A series of recorded lessons led by subject specialists that provided a range of ways to access the learning and provide built in time for feedback to continue to improve your understanding.


Bexley Library: Bexley Libraries - London Libraries (

If you are interested in getting your hands on a novel while away from school the Bexley Library is currently open.

The Libraries offer the following opportunities

  • Borrow, return and renew items.
  • Access a range of Council services and get other types of help from our staff.
  • Make use of our IT facilities, including using a PC, scanner and printing services (subject to availability)
  • Make use of study desks - please note these will be on a first come, first-served basis

National Geographic: For all the Geographers out there, who want to learn more about the world National Geographic is a great resource for you to explore to learn more about the world.


Year 8 Infomation

The Year 8 team is led by Head of Year Mr Maher and the Assistant Principal Mr Wadsworth.  The year group is divided into eight mixed ability form groups, each one led by a Form Tutor.  

Every pupil is also a member of one of the four Hurstmere Houses - Caxton, Chaucer, Cobham and Sidney.

Form Tutors

RSL                    Mr A Davis

Line Manager    Mr C Ballard

8 Caxton X        Ms H Geyevu

8 Caxton Y        Mr G King

8 Chaucer X      Mr M Robinson

8 Chaucer Y      Miss O Awe

8 Cobham X      Mrs J Anand

8 Cobham Y      Ms A Lambert

8 Sidney X        Mrs E Ogueh-Etan

8 Sidney Y        Mr J Eiffert

Every member of the team can be contacted via the main school office on 0208 300 5665.


Staff at Hurstmere are here to support pupils as they make their way through the school. We offer a range of support from informal discussions with pupils to more structured interventions such as Peer Mentoring. We are eager to help our students and rely on open communications to ensure we can quickly deal with any issues that may arise. Please contact your son’s form tutor in the first instance if you have something you wish to discuss with us.

Our Ethos

At Hurstmere, we are a telling school and members of staff are only too willing to assist students in resolving any issues they have during their school day. Students can speak with their classroom teachers for issues that occur during lessons. During their 20 minute registration boys can also liaise with their form tutors and inform them of any issues they may have in the corridors, between lessons and to or from school. As teachers we can work with your son to get the best out of them, we ask that you support us in what we are trying to achieve and take an interest in what they are studying by assisting them in completing homework and resolving conflicts that may occur during the school year.

Remember “We are here to support you and will work alongside you during your time at Hurstmere”

Extra-curricular Activities

The school normally provides a wide range of activities outside of conventional classroom time and it is important that pupils make the most of the opportunities on offer. This helps pupils to settle in to the new school year, make new friends and develop their social skills. Most departments in the school have additional sessions that further engage students and developing their knowledge and understanding. These are a great way to learn more in a specific area and make new friends with similar interests. Activities normally take place at lunchtimes and after school, and timetables are available in every classroom. It is recommended that all pupils take part in some form of extra-curricular activity to help them feel part of their school. We  are looking forward to returning to normal when it is appropriate to do so.

Achievement and Rewards

Pupil achievements are recognised and rewarded in a number of ways in Year 8. Pupils are registered with our Class Charts system where their teachers can add positive comments. Each week the top ten pupils will receive a reward postcard as recognition of their hard work. Pupils who perform consistently throughout each term will be invited to take part in reward trips. Pupils can also receive points towards the annual House competition. Be sure to look out for opportunities throughout the year to contribute to the success of your house. Pupils in Year 8 can also receive letters and praise postcards from teachers and form tutors for their efforts.


Your son will receive homework from his subject teachers and this should be recorded in his planner. To support the boys, teachers will also place details of homework onto O365 TEAMS. As a parent, you also have access to this website and please do feel free to consult it regularly to support your son(s) with their homework and organisation.

Home and School Contact

Every pupil is issued with a school planner at the start of the academic year which becomes their responsibility. This is an excellent resource for pupils to keep themselves organised. It also is a useful vehicle for maintaining close contact between home and school. Teachers may use the planner to communicate with you and you are of course welcome to do the same. Please ensure you check your son’s planner EVERY DAY and that you sign your son’s planner every week. All members of staff can of course be contacted on the main school number.

Important events for Year 8

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Exam assessment period


Mr Maher

Head of Year 8

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