Put a Shirt on a Back' Appeal

Since the beginning of the Hurstmere in Zambia project, our various tours have been able to bring several tons of donated clothing, kit and old school uniforms to help improve the lives of under privileged children ranging in age from infant to secondary school aged pupils.

The 2018 student tour would like to add to that total and we are asking for donations of old, unwanted football and rugby shirts, old school uniform and any clothing or shoes that you no longer want. We aim to provide at least one school with a complete set of old school uniforms as this greatly improves the pride that the students have with their school.

Over the years, local teams and clubs have donated full kits which we were able to share out between several of the local schools. These kits have been generously donated by Phoenix FC, Lane FC, Our Lady Youth FC and Footscray Lions FC.

We have seen firsthand the impact and the joy that a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life who was previously was walking to and from school without any footwear whatsoever.

Please send all donations to Hurstmere School, marked for the attention of Mr. Maher. This is on-going project and not just for July 2018, so please bear this in mind when disposing of any unwanted clothing.

To find out more about the Tag Rugby Trust visit their website at: