Donate a Desk Appeal

Schools in Zambia are desperate for desks. At present there are often 4 or 5 children squashed on to one desk trying to complete their school work or they are sitting on a poorly made wooden bench using their laps to rest their books on. What desks they do have are often broken and in an English school would have been thrown out long ago.

A desk costs £50; we’d like your help to provide new desks for the community schools we work with. Not only will they provide better learning conditions for the children but they will also allow the schools to educate more children.

Help us by getting involved in our ‘Donate a Desk’ campaign. By donating £5, £10, £25 or £50 you can help us make a difference to a Zambian child’s education. Once you’ve made your donation we will add your name to our ‘Donate a Desk’ chart displayed in reception and then when Hurstmere boys go out to Zambia in the summer of 2015 they will be able to purchase and present the desks to the community schools.

The community work we do really does make a difference.


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Donate a Desk Payment Slip.pdf 16th Sep 2015 Download