Posted on: June 19th 2020

Hurstmere Lockdown Art & Design Awards 2020

Hurstmere Lockdown Art & Design Awards 2020

Submit a piece of artwork in any medium of your choice.

Successful submissions will win a Hurstmere Art Department Lockdown Art & Design Award 2020.

Class charts and prizes are available for the strongest work submitted - overall winner, year group winners, category winners.

Categories are:-

Art work that responds to something you have chosen from our Art & Design curriculum.
Art work about 'The Lockdown'.
Art work about something you want to do when 'The Lockdown' lifts - eg see family or friends, have a party, go on holiday, or see Millwall play?
Art work demonstrating a new skill or a skill you have mastered.
Artwork of your own chosen theme.
Look forward to seeing your work!!