Rewards and House System

At Hurstmere School, we believe it is imperative that all pupils are recognised for their effort and achievement. We set very high expectations for every pupil as we know that our pupils can thrive in a positive learning environment where their efforts are rewarded and achievement is celebrated. 

The reward system is pivotal in creating a positive school ethos where students can flourish both inside and outside of the classroom and are encouraged to contribute to school life in multiple ways. Therefore, we utilise a variety of different rewards in order to promote high standards of effort, academic work, and involvement in extra-curricular activities.

In order to consistently reward students, we use SIMS to reward pupils with ‘House Points’. Below are some of the ways that pupils can earn House Points. Teachers may issue points for other achievements which are not listed here too. 

House Points will be provided for academic reasons, such as:

• Completing classwork to a high standard

• Excellent effort in lessons

• Making a positive contribution to a lesson

• Completing homework to a high standard

• Attempting the challenge or mastery questions

• Achieving a good grade in a key piece/exam

• Excellent reading in lessons

House Points will also be provided for personal development. Points will be rewarded for:

• Working well in a group

• Overcoming a personal challenge

• Showing perseverance and endeavour

• Developing leadership skills

• Helping others

• Responding to feedback positively

Pupils at Hurstmere will have many opportunities to be rewarded with House Points every single day at school. These points will be tallied up at the end of every week and pupils can receive a variety of different rewards at different stages of the year, such as: 

• Praise postcard sent home for the top 10 in each year group

• The display of pupil classwork or homework on classroom boards or corridor displays

• Phone call home

• Letter sent home

• Departmental prize

• A prize at Prize Giving

• An invitation to a ‘pizza party’ at the end of term

• Appearing on the school website

• Receiving a School Colour

• An invitation to a house event

• Receiving a certificate in a celebration assembly

• A skip-the-queue canteen card

• Receiving a ticket into the end of half-term raffle

• A reward trip at the end of year

• Rewards for 100% attendance at different stages of the year


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