Year 10


Year 10 marks a very exciting time at Hurstmere School for Boys. This year your son is starting his GCSE’s and is taking the next step forward in their academic career. They are now members of the upper school and have the opportunity to act as role models for the lower school and will be given plenty of opportunities to assist the lower school in their development as students at Hurstmere School. 

The Staff at Hurstmere School are very prepared to assist your son in dealing with the additional work load and challenges associated with GCSE’s. Our goal is to work alongside you and your son to continue to develop the skills needed to be successful in their GCSE’s. The main skills that we aim to continue improving are organization, time keeping and a solid work ethic even when faced with a difficult challenge.

As members of the upper school your son has a great opportunity to act as a role model for their year group as well as the lower school. A large proportion of the student body will look to them to set the standard in conduct, attitude towards learning and overall behavior both in lessons and around the greater Hurstmere community. This added expectation will encourage your son to mature as a student and as a member of a community.

Year 10 will continue to provide a wide range of opportunities for your son to develop his interest. Your son should continue to involve himself within the Hurstmere community and take advantage of these opportunities as they will help him develop a range of skills that will not only help him in the classroom and around the community. The more involved your son becomes within school the more pride he will take in ensuring that Hurstmere continues to be an enjoyable experience for all students.

Enquiries relating to your son’s progress and attainment should be directed towards his form tutor, who will remain the first point of contact for information throughout this year.  We regard timely and accurate home/school communication as crucial to your son’s continued success in Year 10, and appreciate the ongoing support you provide as parents or carers.

Throughout Year 10 your son will continue to be active participants in our ongoing Citizenship program. It will provide them the opportunity to think more deeply about their role within society and how they can be a contributing member to a wider community.

This is a very exciting time for your son as he is taking the next step in his academic career. We will continue to encourage your son to perform to the best of his ability and offer any and all support to ensure that he is given every opportunity to meet his academic and personal goals. Your son should be looking towards the upcoming year as we are all excited for the journey ahead of us.