Student Voice


The Student Voice is a multifaceted organisation dedicated to reinforcing the strength of the pupil voice in the development of school life. At the heart of the Student Voice is a drive to ensure a sense of belonging within the school, a sense of place in the local community and a culture whereby the progress of the school can be fuelled by the talents and insight of its pupils. The Student Voice operates in accordance with the agenda outlined by the Every Child Matters paper and plays a key role in ensuring that pupils make a positive contribution, enjoy and achieve and stay safe within their school environment. Though the Student Voice plays a role in many facets of school life, the theme which unifies all initiatives is the centrality of the experience of the child’s voice within the school institution and the focus upon that voice as catalyst for continual improvement.

Conceptual Framework

This diagram represents the current remit of the Student Voice. The central theme is the role of pupils to the development of school life but this manifests itself in various forms. The purpose of the many facets is to cultivate a school environment which encourages pupils to contribute in a positive way so that every child does matter.

School Council 2015/16 Manifesto

This was drafted on the first meeting of the new school council and serves as a notice to inform pupils and staff as the nature and intention of school council.
School Council is…
An organised group of pupils who are dedicated to making change around the school in a structured way and to set an example.
Focussed on dealing with other pupils’ opinions in a serious way so that everyone has a voice
Proud to be polite and down to earth
School Council wants…
To earn the trust from pupils across the school
To tackle problems in and around the school
Respect for staff
To improve the school environment