Primary to Secondary Transition

The Head of Year role is a crucial one; ensuring that all pupils succeed academically and maximise their potential, and that pupils enjoy their schooling and become active members of the school and the wider community.

The transition from primary school to secondary school is a key issue for Year 7 pupils as it is one of the most significant moments in a young person’s education.  Many pupils join Year 7 with excitement and anticipation, however it is appreciated that there may also have some anxieties and concerns.  Therefore pupils are welcomed through a very supportive induction process that starts even before their first day in September.

The induction process begins in May, when pupils are visited in their primary school by their Head of Year.  The Head of Year also meets with the class teacher to ensure information relevant to each child is shared.  During the visit pupils are spoken to personally about our school and how they will be inducted.  This allows pupils to begin to develop a sense of familiarity with staff that they will meet at Hurstmere and to alleviate any worries.

During early July, pupils attend ‘Transition Days’.  These enable pupils to understand everyday life at Hurstmere, experience a range of subjects and appreciate the high expectations required of them.  Pupils are escorted around the school by Student Leaders and lessons are conducted in Form Tutor groups.    Parents attend Hurstmere in July for a ‘New Parents’ Welcome Evening’. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to meet their son’s form tutor, purchase uniform and be informed about the expectations required as Year 7 pupils.

It is very important that pupils feel relaxed, enthused and ready to make a positive start at Hurstmere.  At times however, pupils will need extra support within areas of their schooling.  A vast network of support is available to all Year 7 pupils in addition to the Head of Year including form tutors, peer mentors and specialist support staff.

Once pupils are settled, a wide range of extra-curricular activities are available from various clubs (e.g. Art, Science, Raspberry Pi) to sporting activities in which pupils compete both locally and county-wide.  Pupils can aspire and work towards countless rewards including Class Charts, Form and House Captain responsibilities and the opportunity to attend Reward Trips at the end of the year.  Pupils can also take pride in their school community by voicing their opinions at the Year 7 House Council.