Posted on: March 2nd 2020

Orchard Primary School Science Workshop at Hurstmere

28 year 5 students from Orchard Primary school took part in a Science workshop at Hurstmere learning different skills to separate components of a mixture. They separated a mixture of sand, salt, paperclips and rice along with separating the different components of ink from different kind of pens. This session was led by Mrs. Anand (HoS) and Mr. Watson (Lead Practitioner, Science) along with the invaluable help and organisation offered by Ms. Littleboy (Senior Lab technician). Primary school students were provided with an opportunity to speak with four year 10 students who assisted them in their practical activity. This liaison with the Primary school is going to continue with year 6 and year 4 visits planned later on in the year. Primary school students were very excited and happy at the end of the session having hands on practical experience of separation techniques