Posted on: March 21st 2018

Healthy Relationships in the Digital Age

Year 9 pupils enjoyed a workshop on Friday 9th March that focussed on how technology is shaping the lives and relationships of young people.   Jason Royce, of Souster Youth, talked to our pupils about developing healthy and positive relationships, whilst highlighting safe boundaries to follow.  Tips and suggestions were given for young people to identify their own values and successfully tackled key issues like pornography and sexting. 

The feedback from pupils was positive and constructive and included:

 “The workshop made me aware that you need to be careful about the things you watch on-line”

“The workshop was not a lecture.  We were given the knowledge and we make our own decisions”

“It was excellent because it opened my eyes to what goes on behind the screen”

“I learned what the dangers of pornography can lead to for teenagers.”

“It taught me the effects technology has on mental and physical health and the importance of spending some time off of my mobile phone and PS4”.

“It was useful for some of us as we may have already made bad decisions involving digital technology.  It told us how to stay aware or change our use of technology and to keep away from dangers”.

“A lot of us were able to relate to the stories Jason told us.”