Posted on: March 21st 2018

Parenting in the Digital Age

An evening workshop was held on Friday 9th March for parents of all year groups that explored inside the teenage brain to take a close look at the key changes taking place, the impact of technology and how it is affecting youth culture.  Parents were encouraged to start conversations with their children and to team up to give them the best input and support.

Hurstmere was commended for providing such a current and informative workshop.   Parents said:

“The workshop was a real eye opener.”

“It helped me to deal with my sons and them making sensible decisions.”

“The workshop definitely met my expectations.  It was extremely well presented, easy to listen to and involving parents during the evening.”

“It was a relief to know I am not alone in my battles with digital gaming time.”

“It was very reassuring to hear other parents’ worries and experiences surrounding online issues and to know that I am not the only parent with concerns.”

“I found the whole thing very useful, especially when seeing the research and statistics!”

“We have taken some of the ideas and put in them into practice already, and it’s working well so far!”

“As we were told at the workshop ‘we should not be a friends to our kids, we should be friendly parents’.   It may take a while for our son to get used to the changes but I hope one day he will be grateful.”