Posted on: November 18th 2019

Well-Being Wednesday Hits Hurstmere

Hurstmere celebrated Anti-Bullying week this year by launching our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. We are a telling school and truly believe we can support all our pupils when they encounter difficulties with their peers.  The theme of Anti-Bullying Week this year is "Change Starts With Us" and Hurstmere are leading by example by using our wonderful ambassadors to drive a change in our school - to encourage all our pupils to speak more, to each other, to our teachers, and to you, the parents and guardians. 

Every week, all pupils have the opportunity to visit and talk to our ambassadors who are situated in the library on a Wednesday during form time. All of our ambassadors have received training from the Diana Award and will work with each pupil who uses the service to make a plan of action to prevent peer difficulties continuing. A member of the teaching staff will always be present if needed by pupils but we recognise that a lot of pupils would rather talk to their peers for advice and identifying this need allowed us to seek out training for our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from the Diana Award. 

Please encourage your sons to come along if they are struggling with their peers or contact your son's Form Tutor and/or Head of Year if you would like to discuss this further.